A Hero's Journey Summary

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realizes this was the temptaion of green mist.They see nightmares,Edmund sees White witch.Than they land on the island find a pond inside the cave.A pond that whatever it touches water it turns to gold.Edmund gets tempted and he starts to believe that he can use pool power to rule everything.He rebels to Caspian but Lucy stops it.Than he realizes its a trick of the mist.Mist also tricks Eustace and he tries to gather cursed golden treasures.It turns him to a dragon.Edmund and Caspian finds his burned clothing and find lord octesian and his sword.The blue star appears on the sky and they start follow it.They find aslan’s table and rest of lords and their swords.They only find 6 and the blue star tell them the last sword lies inside the dark island.The ordeal part starts they must enter cave and find last lord’s sword inside.The evil forms into to sea monster and tries to stop our heroes.The Ultimate Boon part Aslan turns Eustace to human and…show more content…
Joseph Campwell’s pattern ‘’the hero’s journey’’ includes 17 stages.Some parts may not apply to stories but all of them created around similiar pattern.Departure,Finishing quest and Returning home.In every story heroes does mistakes gives wrong decisions but at the end he or she fixes everything ,gets reward and returns home.Heroes returns their home as more experienced and more mature.With the challanges heroes faces they become someone better than before
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