A La Derech A Short Story

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“A la derecha,” (“Go to the right”), said an officer. The place where the officers sent them was isolated. The officers got out of their car and pulled out their rifles and pointed toward the people in the van. “Give us all the money,” they yelled, as they pointed their rifles at the group. All of the immigrants were scared, they thought they were going to be killed in Mexico by the Mexican authorities. Each one took all his money out of his pockets and gave it to the officers, except the coyote who knew how the authorities worked in Mexico. After the officers took all the immigrants’ money; they let them go, but without any money to continue on their adventure. “What are we going to do?” Guillermo asked Juan and Chus. “We do not have any money to continue and this is…show more content…
“If you have money, tomorrow morning I am going to make some chicken soup. It is going to cost 20 pesos per bowl.” Guillermo, his cousin Chus, and Juan gave each other a discouraged stare. That night they went to sleep in a gallinero, hungry and tired. The gallinero is the place where the hens sleep. They had no blankets and they were sleeping on the hard, dusty floor. Guillermo prayed to God for a miracle. He had a Bible with him and he started reading it. He read a passage that said “I will never leave you.” The next day Guillermo woke up thinking about what they were going to eat that day. They did not have money and the ranch owner stated that only those who had money were able to eat. That morning, Guillermo was putting on his shoes and felt something uncomfortable in one of his shoes. He was afraid that it was a tarantula. He quickly got his foot out of the shoe and dropped what was inside. He found a bill of 100 pesos. He could not believe it. “Juan, Chus, I found some money to buy food!” Guillermo exclaimed. “De verdad” (“really”), said his friend Juan with a smile. “Finally we are going to eat,” stated
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