A Man Called Ove Analysis

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A Man Called Ove Fredrick Backman wrote the book called, A Man Called Ove to introduce a grumpy old man named Ove who 've come across his losses that caused him to changed his character massively. The contentious man named Ove recently have moved to Sweden to live another life to uplift the exploration in his new neighborhood to remind people they have to be conscious about doing thing accurately and correctly. As he came across conflicts he launched himself to construct a strict plan to investigate his new neighbor as a routine to discover any trouble that triggers him to interact with them. But one day, he stopes experiencing grief and sadness until he meets this one woman who acts just …show more content…

When Ove’s wife, Sonja got in a bus accident, “… Ove bought a Saab 95 so he 'd have space for Sonja 's wheelchair. That same year Rune bought a Volvo 245 to have space for a stroller” (Backman 245). Throughout the book, different kinds of cars were being used to signify different characters value. This quote symbolizes the loyalty that Ove is showing to his wife. This example communicates that Ove is the person who stands on its own to support his wife who indicates the wide variety of care and connection to community. Also, when he realizes that he was constantly constructing parts of the houses, “He’d discovered that he liked houses. Maybe mostly because they were understandable... Houses were fair, they gave you what you deserved. Which, unfortunately, was more than one could say about people” ( Backman 90). This choice signifies that Ove loves building and fixing houses because they’re fair and predictable. From his experience, he stands out from the community because he was able to stand up from his depression to help out other people and does something that makes him feel the importance of individuals but not only faces himself but he also faces the community, moreover, this shows that the function as of him being fair and loyal because it tells how he could help the society become a better place and to accomplish …show more content…

Next, Fredrik Backman steps into the society to show that humans can undergo different challenges through life by his use of argument imagery. When Ove was constructing a hook on the wall, his neighbor rang the bell, “As if may be able to convince whoever is standing outside to disappear by his mental powers alone” (Backman 57). This choice signifies the vivid imagery of Ove disliking to interact with society. The narrator chose to imply “mental power” because he wants to show the society what he can do on his own without any people intruding over to his

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