A Trip To Bridgeport Essay

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Although I have only lived in Bridgeport for less than a year, I have visited my grandparents’ house here every summer since I was in the 3rd grade. During my trips, I became very familiar with the community, the people, and the surrounding cities. I enjoyed visiting Bridgeport to not only see my grandparents but also see my aunts, uncles, and cousins.

In the beginning, I didn’t think very highly of Bridgeport. I thought of it as a no name, small town, and I didn’t think anyone knew where it was. My perspective quickly changed when I started to become attached to the city. I became fond of our neighbors and the people we knew around town. I appreciate how close everyone is and how everyone is very considerate of those around them. I didn’t …show more content…

I think it is so interesting how so many students have known each other since they were practically babies; that type of thing just doesn’t happen in San Antonio. I admire how everybody is so close to each other and even the surrounding cities such as Decatur and Denton. I also appreciate how education-oriented the city of Bridgeport is. Everyone is always willing to help out the students in anything they need.

Despite all of the great qualities that Bridgeport offers, there are a few aspects that I believe need improvement. One of those aspects includes the communication between everyone in town. From an outside perspective, you wouldn’t think that communication within such a small town would be a problem, but it is. No one really knows when anything is going on because no one thinks about spreading the word to anyone else.

I believe that good communication is a key aspect of every relationship, professional or personal. But despite this hurdle, I’m glad I’ve been able to call Bridgeport my home. Even though I don’t plan on living here my entire life, I will never forget about the wonderful moments I have experienced here, and I will forevermore admire the unity and integrity the city reflects. The city of Bridgeport, and its people, will be a distinct memory that I will always

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