AMA Code Of Ethics

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By design, healthcare is a continuously evolving industry. The rapid changes make it difficult to see when things go wrong. Whether the issues are obvious or complicated, it is easier to address when medical ethics is in place. Medical ethics can be defined as standards of conduct for a healthcare professional to carry out responsibilities with honesty, competence, respects, integrity, and trust. These moral guidelines can be interpreted by the American Medical Association (AMA) through the Principles of Medical Ethics, the Code of Ethics, and the “Declaration of Professional Responsibility: Medicine’s Social Contract with Humanity”. The Principles of Medical Ethics are a guide for proper behavior of a physician, designed to benefit the patient. The Code of Ethics is a summary of opinions and recommendations that are available to the public and useful when unethical issues arise. The “Declaration of Professional Responsibility: Medicines Social Contract with Humanity”, is a physician’s declaration and promise to the world. It is a physician’s and any other healthcare staff member’s responsibility to respect these forms of medical ethics. …show more content…

Coder’s are responsible for patient’s confidentiality when it comes to health records. HIPPA law requires that certain measures be taken in order to protect patient’s records. Any unethical or illegal coding that takes place should be reported to administrations. If it is not reported properly, the coder and all involved can face punishment of fines, penalties, and/or imprisonment. When reporting unethical coding, coder’s must have necessary documentation that justify the unethical coding. Coder’s are required to act with ethical behavior when it comes to coding practice and reporting healthcare

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