Surgical Ethics Personal Statement

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The primary motivation that has led me to pursue an advanced degree in bioethics at Columbia University is the direct applicability the field has to my interests in medicine. Today, the physician needs to contend with an increasingly pluralistic and multicultural society that can create pressure to compel him or her to accommodate patients ' diverse values. Each person and each physician who come together in the medical relationship have expectations, hopes, and needs. Only after these are understood and respected can appropriate technical measures be applied. My decision to apply to Columbia University is based on the belief that this program provides the optimal environment for me to investigate ethics as it pertains to medicine to prepare myself for the ethical requirements of a physician. Through the bioethics program at Columbia University, I intend to further investigate a few areas of interest. Surgical ethics is a significant area of interest and holds importance to me. I am interested in investigating the ethics of conducting research on the decisional capacity of patients who have …show more content…

Proper deployment of surgery requires both technical skill and a grasp of what is known of ethics; the latter of which extends beyond political boundaries and into the global community as its related policies affect countless individuals. Examples of the global ethical considerations I am interested in include examining the surgical health of people and communities throughout the world with quality and ethical surgical policy and practice, including the universal concepts of surgical ethics. The global attitudes, assumptions, and behaviors associated with surgical procedures ultimately affect the healthcare that people

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