Medical Necessity In Patient Care Essay

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Discuss the ethical implications of “medical necessity” in patient care.
Ethical Implications of Medical Necessity
When it comes to medical necessity can often refers to the determination that is made for the insurance purposes. For example, If the patient has a condition that is chronic or terminal, the treatment could be considered medically necessary whether then the patient can afford the treatment or not.
Networked doctors may face ethical dilemmas when recommending treatment or specialist referrals. When it comes to medical necessities it can be controversial, it can be the use of marijuana when there can be others that are more a moral ethical in which it can be in manage care and network providers. Medical necessity can become a medical factor with other insurance plans, but when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid they are most common, and when it comes to medical necessity that is refer to services that are need for diagnosing and treating an illness or when a patient is injured or to improve the functioning of the patient.
In healthcare cost physician and other healthcare providers essentially has enter a contract with their patient where they can understand the providers top priority that is first most foremost when it comes to …show more content…

In other words, if many people are making decisions, the decision-making process can be less effective. Nonprofit organizations have little interest above and beyond the patients and providers, but not every insurance or healthcare organization is nonprofit. When investors have a stake in the healthcare system, the patient is often removed from the number one priority list and replaced with priorities involving increasing profits and reducing expenses. Additionally, many insurance companies retain the right to deny services, treatment and access to non-network providers, which means even if the provider says the treatment is necessary, the insurance company may deny the coverage for its own

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