Ama Ethical Dilemmas

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The AMA had funds for research and studies about AIDS. (American Medical Association)
They also had funds to eliminate the use of tobacco which promoted better health for the people in the country.
The AMA had funds for awareness towards cancer awareness, drug and violence abuse.
They promote grants to community projects so they could have a healthy life. (Prezi Inc)
“One million physicians and patients contact Congress through the AMA Physician Grassroots Network to speak out about the cuts and the threat they posed to patient care.” (Prezi Inc)
The AMA office of alcohol abuse promotes lobbies for less alcohol ads and more tax of alcohol to reduce alcohol abuse.
In the past, was fighting again Truman and his lobbying group because he wanted to pass a bill which The AMA disagreed with. (UMHM)
Now, The AMA
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The AMA is open to all doctors across the country.
The members of the AMA can be a part of the campaigns and they can have projects and write in the journals.
Their “members, delegates, trustees, council members, section members, medical societies and countless other physicians, medical students and staff all play an integral role in the AMA and contribute to its success.” (American Medical Association)
It allows its members to discuss and share information on certain issues.
The AMA provides career support for the doctors, too.
It has a House of Delegates which represents various organizations. (American Medical Association)
A person would support the AMA’s public policy goals. This is because a person who lives in the country would want to have the best care they can get.
Also a person who is a patient would want their doctor who is a part of The AMA to fight for his or her right.
A person would agree with The AMA goals because it would help make the future better as the improvements and research on medicine would improve the health of the people in the country and bring awareness to
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