Abigail Williams And Reverend John Proctor In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The name of my book in “The Crucible.” The book was written by Arthur Miller and published in 1952. The setting is in Salem, Massachusetts in 1962 during The Salem Witch Trials. This book is also a drama or play. John Proctor, Abigail Williams and Reverend John Hale are just a few of the main characters in this book. John Proctor is a farmer and he is married to Elizabeth Proctor. Proctor is a strong and stern man who hates hypocrites and hypocrisy. Throughout this book Proctor tries to pull off being the well put together man that he has been raised to be and that he has been his whole life. However, this all fails when he commits a sin, one that is one of the worst things to do during this time period. He had an affair with the young Abigail Williams. As the book nears the end, John Proctor hesitates numerous times to expose what has happened between he and Abigail Williams because he is afraid of his name being ruined. Abigail Williams was one of the Reverends, that the town has, nieces. She served as the Proctors household servant. Abigail is a young and witty girl who could talk just about anyone into doing whatever she wanted them to do. She uses this ability throughout the whole drama. Abigail Williams is also a clever, sneaky, conniving and evil girl if she were to be crossed, which she is in this drama. Once Elizabeth Proctor, John …show more content…

Hale is called a numerous times to examine the girls that Abigail Williams has forced to act like something is wrong with them and the situations in which she has caused. However, Hale, being the smart man that he is, sees straight through all of their evil games and lies and will not fall for what Abigail Williams and the girls have planned. Later on in the drama, Hale tries to save all of the people that Abigail Williams and the girls have gotten accused and convicted of things they are not even capable of

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