Abraham Lincoln And The Failure Of The Northern Economic System

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In March 1861, Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th president of the United States. Lincoln faced his biggest and most challenge situation, how to deal with the “divided house”. With the development of technology and railroad in the Northern, there were more people in the Northern were against the slavery. An increasing number of free black peoples protested to the Slavery and were a fight for the black people rights. In addition, since the Northern and the Southern had different economic system, the relied on free labors. On the other hand, the Southern relied on the slavery. The Northern wanted to have more free labors and they were against the slavery completely. The Southern was more in favor of the slavery. Therefore, the Union kept …show more content…

Even though Abraham Lincoln assured that he would protect slavery where it existed, politics and the economy in the United States needed Lincoln to issue the Emancipation Proclamation. Within the Civil War period, in order to keep the four border states remaining in the Union, Lincoln must issue the Emancipation Proclamation after he was sure the Union had the victory. There should be only one economic system in a country. Lincoln chose the Northern economic system as the standard for America.
Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation because he believed the Black and the White had same natural rights under the Declaration of Independence (Clark, 1858). "No man is good enough to govern another man, without that other's consent. I say this is the leading principle -- the sheet anchor of American republicanism"(Lincoln, 1854). In his earlier career, he showed he was strongly against slavery. He thought slavery was “immoral” (Foner, 2009). The reason why Lincoln was able to be elected as president was that he created his own iron – Against Slavery and Men Equal Rights. He earned the North and those who were in favor of abolition. Lincoln believed that both the Black people and the White people had natural rights because he was a witness …show more content…

Lincoln chose the Northern economic system as the standard for America. “To win the war, therefore, the Union must take the institution that lay at the economic and social foundation of southern life a military target” (Foner, 2009). Lincoln was in favor of the slavery was the foundation of the South. Lincoln chose the Northern economic system so he needed to take down the slavery. Lincoln insisted that “the equal right to the fruit of one’s labor”. He realized that “targeting the economic foundation of Southern society” was essential to take down the Confederacy. Lincoln was against slavery and when he realized the superiority Free Labors, he knew slavery did harm to “prosperous system” in North (Uelzo, 2010). Lincoln was in favor of Political Economy. According to “Mr. Lincoln's Economics Primer”, “The wild card that roiled these economic disputes was slavery” (Uelzo, 2010). It were commerce and finance led Lincoln to “his lifelong opposition” to slavery (Uelzo, 2010). When the time, Lincoln and Douglas had a debate; Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Douglas had different theories about how to deal with slavery. They were representing for two different parties. Lincoln represented the Northern Americans, whose economics relied on merchant, free labor. In the other hand, Mr. Douglas represented the South, whose Economics relied on slavery (Clark, 1858). In 1857, the article Mr. Helper wrote, He thought the South fell behind the North

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