Abraham Maslow's Pyramid Case Study

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Abraham Maslow suggested that there are different levels regarding a person’s needs. According to him, these needs only become important when they are not being met. Maslow said that people could move up a level once their needs were being met to a satisfactory standard. He presented, what was called, the hierarchy of needs in the shape of a pyramid. In Sarah’s case, she has difficulty doing most of her daily activities on her own and struggles to prepare food for her children. As a result of this, Sarah requires the assistance of a carer to do these tasks for her. In Maslow’s pyramid, Sarah would be at the base of the hierarchy of needs. She has physiological needs which means she requires help for the necessities of life like food, water and clothing. Sarah obviously requires help from carers to do her daily tasks and to meet her physiological needs. Maslow’s pyramid would suggest that these physiological needs, like requirements such as food, water and clothing, are…show more content…
Her carers and probably Sarah’s family are feeling a little overwhelmed and trapped by Sarah’s condition. She is resisting these ideas and refuses to go into respite possibly feeling the need for love and belonging but also security. Sarah would like to remain in a position in her family without feeling like a nuisance and she understands that she needs to work to keep her children from starving. She likely doesn’t understand that it is hard work for her family and carers to provide assistance for her daily needs. Maslow wrote that a person needs to have social security within a family and a society which protects against hunger. He also said that one has a need to belong within a group or family. She is resisting participation in new alternative treatments perhaps of suffering from fatigue a lot and also realising that she finds that her physical condition has deteriorated far too
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