Absalom And Achitophel Analysis

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In Dryden’s Absalom and Achitophel, Achitophel utilizes persuasive arguments such as adulation and ambiguity in carefully structured arguments to seduce Absalom to usurp the power of King David. Moreover, Achitophel first applies flattery to encourage Absalom to acquire the throne. Flattery continues through Achitophel’s arguments, but not as aggressive. The poetical voice discourages flattery by naming it as a weak and unsubstantiated argument. Although Absalom disputes Achitophel’s arguments at first, his genius and strategy in his replies results fair to convince the prince. Rather, the second part of his arguments is combative and ensures ambiguity; his arguments are lies. The second part of his arguments is more practical. Taking the throne is not longer for his personal benefit; it is now for the general good of the country. The poetical voice of the author denounces that the prince is young, easily influenced by fame, power and is filled with aspirations.

Adulation takes place in Achitophel’s persuasive arguments to seduce Absalom to take the throne. Achitophel begins
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He assures Absalom that he is terrified and worried about King David’s brother being a ruler. He states that King David’s brother is only interested in the country’s riches. If Absalom lets his uncle be king, he will appropriate the riches of the country and sell them for his personal benefit. Besides, if Absalom does not take the throne someone else will because a country needs to be ruled. In consequence, it will leave Jerusalem in danger of being ruled by another unfit king. Who is probably interested in the riches, in personal benefit and does not have the character Absalom has. Provided that, succession is made for greater good. King David would be betraying God if he does not let royal blood be king of his country. King David’s brother is under supreme command of king. King David gives Absalom the land and power

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