Absurd In Lise Eliot's Special Issue His Brain, Her Brain?

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The requirements our growing children face daily is absolutely absurd, and the scary part of it is that we don’t even realize we are doing it. We don’t realize the signals being sent to our children, because they have become such a regular part of society. Based off of the article by Lise Eliot, “Special Issue His Brain, Her Brain: The truth about boys and girls” even though there are biological differences between genders, the biggest factor heavily relies on the culture and upbringing in which the child is raised.
Studies have proven that boys have larger brains and heads than girls do. However, girl’s brains finish growing earlier than boy’s brains. The Amygdala is a grape sized region on both sides of the brain. Studies have shown that …show more content…

For example, boys are told they are supposed to be really good at sports. Girls are told they should dress in all pink with bows, and dance like the best ballerina. Boys play rough, and have toys that encourage that. They also have role models such as Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. Now let’s dig a little deeper. It is no problem that our little boys like to believe in the fantasy of a superhero. Boys never strive to grow up and look like them, instead they want to grow up to be the superhero. Little boys don’t care about the body image or all of the muscles the superheroes have, they just strive to have the fun of flying, climbing buildings, and saving the world. However, little girls are taught to play with Barbie’s, easy bake ovens, and dress up accessories such as princess dresses, little high heels, and make up sets. There is no problem with little girls wanting to play dress up. The problem comes in when little girls feel that if they aren’t pretty enough, or in the prettiest dress or heels they won’t be successful. Barbie, for example shows little girls that if you are pretty, you will get the dream house, luxury car, huge boat, and gorgeous man. However, we don’t take into account that if “Barbie was real, she wouldn’t be able to walk unless on all fours or even be able to life her

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