Abuela Invents The Zero Analysis

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The most important factor in why someone chooses to do something is how that action will affect their personal feelings because humans value their feelings more than others '.

Connie, from "Abuela Invents the Zero" by Judith Ortiz-Cofer, decided to put her feelings in front of Abuela 's when Connie chose not to help when Abuela could not find her way back to the pew in the church. When Connie noticed that Abuela was lost, she decided not to help her because, "I just know that on Monday my friends, and my enemies, in the barrio will have a lot of senile -grandmother jokes to tell in front of me" (Ortiz-Cofer para 14). This shows that Connie put her feelings before Abuela because she did not want to be teased by her friends. If Connie put others ' feelings in front of hers, she would have stood up and helped Abuela no matter how much she would have been teased because Abuela is family. When Abuela first came, "I try to walk far behind them in public so that no one will think we’re together" (Ortiz-Cofer para 4). This shows that Connie doesn 't care about Abuela 's feelings to an extent that she doesn 't even want to be seen with her. This can prove that Connie made her choice to not help Abuela when she lost her way in the church since she was too embarrassed to be seen with Abuela. Connie would have spent time with Abuela if she cared about her feelings. After Connie made her choices, Abuela said, "You made me feel like a zero, like a nothing" (Ortiz-Cofer para 16). This

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