Active Duty Speeches

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Hello fellow students and Professor Fuchs, It is very nice to meet you. My formal name is Douglas, but please call me Doug. My family only calls me Douglas and it actually upsets me when anyone outside my family calls me Douglas. I am originally from the hot humid sandy beaches of Saint Petersburg, FL unfortunately I have not lived there since 2005, but occasionally I go back to visit. Currently I am finishing up my Active Duty time in the Army of 11 years. It has been one hell of a ride, but I felt that it was best to move on from the Active Duty environment and try the civilian sector while maintaining presence in the National Guard. My Job that I learned in the Army was one of the most rewarding skills that I believe that I earned that is a Human Intelligence Collector. I will continue to do a similar job in the civilian sector that I did while I was on Active Duty. Currently I reside in Colorado Springs, CO at Fort Carson that was quite a change from the warm weather of sunny Florida compared to the snow infested state of Colorado. I decided to take this Popular Culture class because for one it just seemed like it would be …show more content…

Therefore anything that I can do with her is my greatest passion. I will sustain my passion by making a transition to be closer to her. American popular culture surrounds us everyday because the was information flows in todays society. I’m not saying that it was not a large part several decades ago. With the development of smartphone and the Internet it has a much larger impact. It’s able to keep me up to date with the latest trends and most of my entire daughter can stay in constant communication with me even when I am out and about doing things. Finally, I have read and I fully understand the syllabus for SOCI220 D003 Win

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