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Ada Lovelace grew from a financially well-off upbringing; her father was the famous poet, Lord Byron and her mother was a baroness. Even though her father separated from Lovelace’s mother, that did not stop her mother from attempting to provide Ada Lovelace with the most advanced education. The baroness encouraged science and mathematics, while she discouraged literature. Lovelace became extremely gifted in mathematics and would eventually lead a legacy in computer science and women in technology. She became known as the first computer programmer for her work in the analytical machine, and in 1980 had the computer language ADA named after her. Her belief was that the computer would only be as intelligent as the programmer. Ada Lovelace also influenced the establishment of the 1998 Lovelace medal and 2011 Ada Initiative. …show more content…

94). During the early 1900’s, it was unsuitable for a woman to learn about mathematics and science; however, Ada Lovelace’s background allowed her to and and even question science and mathematics (Source 1). Ada Lovelace’s legacy continues a century after her death. Source 8 records the various ways that Ada Lovelace is celebrated. She is celebrated through the Ada computer language (1970) and Ada Lovelace Day (2009). The Department of Defense Military Standard for the Ada language (MIL-STD-1815) was in honor of her birth year. Awards, such as the Lovelace Medal (1998) and Ada Initiative (2011), have also been named after her in honor of her contribution to the computer science

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