Adam Lanza Argumentative Essay

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Another angry kid shoots up a school full of kids, or was the cause of this tragedy darker than we could have imagined? “Lanza went to Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012 armed with an AR-15 rifle and other firearms. He killed 20 children and six educators” (Scinto). The nation was shook by the news of the shootings. Adam Lanza took twenty-six lives days before Christmas. The question everyone wants to know is why? What would make someone do something so horrible? Experts and everyone else in the United States have their own theories on what caused twenty year old Adam Lanza to go on a mass murder spree. Adam Lanza had a number of mental health issues that lead experts and most of the nation to believe was a factor in the Sandy Hook…show more content…
Adam’s love for violence was intense to say the least. Love might be too small of a word to describe how he felt about violence. He had an obsession for brutal and unnecessary violence. At a young age his obsession was present. He wrote a book in the fifth grade that was disturbingly graphic. He named the book The Big Book of Granny. The hero of the book was a mass murderer who carried a gun that was disguised as a cane. The book was filled with images and description of killing children, cannibalism, and taxidermy (Scinto). The Big Book of Granny would be something you would expect to be written by a horror movie writer not a fifth grader. His writing assignments were packed full of mayhem, war, and death (Daly). One of his former teachers said Lanza didn’t participate in class and when told to write a couple of pages about what he wanted to talk about, he would write ten pages about battles, destruction, and war (Scinto). Writing about violence was one way he expressed his obsession another was acting it out in video games. Adam was a typical teenage boy played violent video games. The only difference between him and most teenagers was he found pleasure in watching horrendous acts. He played the typical games people find controversial because of the excessive levels of violence: Call of Duty, Combat Arms, Left 4 Dead, Grand Theft Auto, and Gears of War. One video game in particular was quite shocking to be found in his room. The name of the game is School Shooter. The object of the game is to slaughter students of a school. As if writing about mass murders or playing the game called school shooter was not enough. Lanza took his obsession another step further by researching mass murders. Lanza would do extensive research on mass murderers. “Lanza’s research on his computer about mass murderer’s began in 2011 and accelerated from there. In July 2012 he wrote to a cyber
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