Adequate Social Support

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Social support and social interaction are key factors to human health, both mentally and physical. Social interaction allows people to express their feelings and share their problems with other people (Herts EEG Biofeedback, 2012). Adequate social support can significantly help a user when they are coping with stress or a major life change such as moving out of home for the very first time (Herts EEG Biofeedback, 2012). Social support is, “the physical and emotional comfort given to us by our family, friends, co-workers and others (Fairbrothers, 2011).” It allows people to know that they are a part of a community with people who love, care and value them. Maintaining a healthy social support network through social interaction is hard as it requires ongoing effort over time (Fairbrothers, 2011). The literature review, “Forget Me Not: Connecting Palliative Patients and Their Loved Ones” focuses on the importance of social interaction specifically for people who are suffering from a serious illness (Torben, Timmermann, Heuten, Boll, 2015). It is often that those suffering from a serious illness experience a strong craving to communicate how they feel to gain support from their loved ones. The device they designed was designed …show more content…

Texting often complicates the fundamental understanding of non-verbal cues, often replacing them with inaccurate ones (Jaffe, 2014). With the orb from OK-Orbit, when users need social support or social interaction with a loved one, they no longer have to form sentences to text them in which could lead to a misinterpretation. The other user with an orb will have a fundamental understanding of what is needed from them as a light and sound will emit from their orb, indicating that their loved one needs someone to talk

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