The Perfect Race Essay

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Perfect Race
Before WWII what did Adolf Hitler think of the world? Many years before Adolf Hitler became the dictator of Germany, he was obsessed with the thought of having the “perfect race”. After, in his speeches and writings, Hitler spread his beliefs in racial “purity” and in the superiority of the “Germanic Race” what he called Aryan “master race”. Next, he pronounced that his race must remain pure in order to one day take over the world. For Hitler, the ideal “Aryan” was blond, blue eyed, and tall (“ushmm.org/outreach/en/article.php? Nazi Racism”). When the killing of the Jews and Gypsies (Romans) and other races that did not fit the script of the “perfect race” it became known as the holocaust. Finally, and not only the race mattered, …show more content…

It was called “The Final Solution of The Jewish Question” (hitlersmasterrace.weebly.com). During WW II, while the Nazis go around the countries looking for children or women that fit the description of an Aryan. After they find the right women or child they would take them back to Germany where they would give birth or grow up. Hitler had 20 home built for his “master race” (“Hitler’s Master Race”). And the women will give birth secretly at the “homes” (“Hitler’s Master Race”). And they also have homes for children so they would get adopted by the Nazis family (“Hitler’s Master Race”). The children that did not get adopted were brutally abused and harassed almost every day. Another thing that also happened is if the women that give birth to babies that were mentally disabled or physically disabled would either be sent to the concentration camps to grow up or they would kill the babies (“Hitler’s Master Race”). And the children that were kidnapped were taught to speak German and other German ways of life. If the child was caught doing anything not German they were to be killed or to be sent to the concentration camps (“Hitler’s Master Race”). In conclusion, Hitler decided the main enemy was the

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