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(1) Although Adoniram seems to freak out at the end of the story, young Sammy clearly is the character that undergoes the greatest change. (2) Near the beginning of the story, Sammy clearly demonstrates his father’s traits of keeping to himself and of disregarding the women in the family. (3) After Adoniram’s plan to build a new barn is discovered by Sarah and Nanny, they discuss the situation. (4) Sammy is present at this point in time, but “he did not seem to pay any attention to the conversation” (Freeman). (5) While Adoniram’s plan to build a new barn is not discovered by Sarah and Nanny until men start digging a cellar for it, Sammy finally reveals that he did know about the plan for about three months. (6) “‘Yes, I s’pose I did,’ he said, …show more content…

(14) The narrator says that “an inborn confidence in their mother over their father asserted itself,” and just before the doors of the barn are opened to reveal Adoniram on the other side, “Nanny and Sammy slunk close to their mother,” both seeming to rely on Sarah’s strength and determination (Freeman). (15) The clearest sign of Sammy’s change occurs after the barn doors open and Adoniram asks what’s happening. (16) The narrator says that “Sammy stepped suddenly forward, and stood in front of” Sarah, as if to protect his mother and to assert himself to his father (Freeman). (17) Sammy says, “We’ve come here to live, father,” and the narrator adds that “his shrill voice quavered out bravely” (Freeman). (18) I think that the change in Sammy is very startling. (19) Sammy clearly finds inspiration in his mother’s courage and discovers his own ability to speak out “bravely” in defense of his

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