Argumentative Essay System Vs. Standard Based Grading System

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Educators talk about optimizing learning potential in students but use an outdated grading system that doesn’t have students learn but rather compete against one another. In order for schools to optimize learning productivity amongst students, then they need to switch to a standard based grading system. A standard based grading system forces students to learn the material by grading in different categories and learning targets. A traditional grading system uses a curve which just takes the top score as the 100%. Although prior grading systems have worked in the past a standard based grading system will be better able to help students learn. Standards based grading eliminates the competition between students to maximize the learning capabilities. According to Tom Guskey “In a standard-based system, grading and reporting must be done in terms of specific learning criteria, rather than in reference to normative criteria or “on the curve”. This means that grades must be based on what students have learned and …show more content…

Under a traditional grading system, teachers must narrow down the students work over the course of the semester to a single grade. A standard based system grades using different categories and rates students on their progress, product, and process, rather than one consolidated grade. According to Shannon O. Sampson “The separate reporting of achievement, effort, and progress lends itself well to reflection. If achievement grades are low but effort grades are high, for example, the problem may be rooted in curriculum issues” (Shannon O. Sampson, 2009). If there is one grade for a student and it is low, there could be several issues that cannot be determined through a traditional grading system. A standard based systems levels the playing field for all students so that a student in class A doing the exact same work and effort level of a student in class B get the same

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