Teacher Merit Pay Analysis

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These two articles adequately examine the argument of whether or not the government should implement a teacher merit pay system. The idea of teacher merit pay stems as far back as the 1960s. It has brought about much controversy across this country as political leaders seek to reform the our public school system. The title of two works used are “The Controversy Over Teacher Merit Pay” and “Teacher Merit Pay: Is it a Good Idea?” The first article was written in 1960 by W.L. Gragg. The second article was written in 2009 by Gary K. Clabaugh. The authors occupy significant roles in the field of education with Gragg being a former school district superintendent and Clabaugh a curriculum and instruction professor. Both the Gragg article and Clabaugh …show more content…

First, the article examines the components of a merit pay system and proves how the effects of implementation will lead to a successful outcome. It begins with stating school districts should move toward a merit pay system because teachers need rewards for their work. He says, “If we really believe what we preach, are we not committing ourselves to a principle, reward for service commensurate with the value of the service rendered?” He pushes the notion that teachers want to be paid what their worth, so we should do that effectively by implementing a merit pay system. With Gragg being a former school superintendent he argues with support of the school district. Gragg refutes a claim made that merit pay is only designed to save a district more money. Mentioning that, “Most school boards are willing to pay high salaries only on the basis that they are getting more or better service”. Teachers will receive a pay increase if and only if teachers can prove that there worth the …show more content…

Clabaugh believes that this judgement is inevitable. He tells a story of a novice teacher who was assigned a new classroom one month into the school year. The other teachers had to choose five students to send to the new classroom. If merit pay was implemented he says, “Wouldn’t all her fellow teachers, eyes fixed on those extra dollars, see to it that she got only problem kids?” This leads to him describing how important collaboration is to education. Teachers need the ability to work together effectively in order to maintain a positive learning community. With merit pay he says teachers will be more inclined to work by themselves. Clabaugh says that lack of collaboration will stifle the education community.
Outside factors play a role in a students achievement in school. Factors teachers just cannot control. This indicates the concluding argument of Clabough 's article. Students are facing obstacles that include divorce, poverty, and truancy. Is it really fair to judge teachers on these factors? He says, “There are also the child’s home life and neighborhood to consider. Research reveals the adverse impact… on a child’s success in school.” Teachers are taught in college about how to help address the needs of students but this can only be taken so

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