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Abstract-The emerging requirementsof the wireless communication increase the researches in the wireless communication area. Wireless communication is used by Adhoc network. Ad hoc networks contain one of the self-organizing, self-healing networks which are called MANET.It which provides comfort and safety to the users of VANET and it is the subclass of MANET. VANET is a collection of vehicular mobile which forms the vehicular Ad hoc networks. To provide efficient and stable services, VANET has to solve many challenges.This paper represents the Artigence techniques which will solve the VANET challengesto improve the efficiency and comfort. The queuing technique is an efficient technique using Arti-Q by Artigence.The call taxi management systems…show more content…
In existing Artigence system,the functionality is classified into two categories and it performs in a distributed manner. So the functionalities are, • Scheduling • Message Transmission Scheduling: Scheduling is the process of deciding how to allot resources among varieties of workable tasks. Time can be specified or floating as part of a sequence of events. Based on the definition of scheduling this phase is dealing with the following task alone. • Receiving a request from the user or the customer in the syntax of “passenger”without space “area name” to the number. • FIFO queueing format is used here to arrange the request. • It finds the same requests if any. Based on that it rearranges the queuing structure. • It finally finds the response i.e., the call taxi which was free at the time of response. • And those details are stored in the scheduling Arti-Q serve. . Message Transmission: This is the process of sending the response (call taxi contact number) according to the request (“passenger” without space “area name”) to the corresponding user or customer. So it consists of following functionalities, • It refers scheduled and processed requests from the

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