Horace Adversity Essay

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Life will always have its setbacks, but it is those unfortunate circumstances which will build up a human 's character and disposition; “What doesn 't kill you makes you stronger.” - Kelly Clarkson. Roman poet Horace wrote, “Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant.” I completely agree with Horace’s perspective of the way people operate, adversity can be beneficial in the development of a person 's character. Difficult situations can draw out people’s hidden aptitude in which under normal situations they would have remained undercover.
Life will always have its curve balls and obstacles in the way of the road ahead of you, but what develops an individual is how they push through and become a greater as a result of some sort of suffering. Let’s just say that you happen to suffer a death in the immediate family, now you can approach it many different ways. There will be that period of grief and sorrow, but you cannot be dwelling in those unhappy feelings forever; That will result in you being unhappy and mentally weakened. In times like this, these adverse circumstances can make you take a different outlook on life …show more content…

A death in the family is a very extreme and rare example of how adversity can develop a person 's character. The other side of this spectrum would be something as small as flunking an exam. I know that as well as anybody else, that you will not die or suffer lifelong consequences based on the result of one exam. By failing an exam, you are given the opportunity to become stronger on those skills as a result of receiving a bad score. If someone truly cares about where their life is heading than they will take their failing as a reason to work harder on a specific subject or area of study. Whenever I would fail an exam or test, I would rethink what knowledge I have in that particular area, and try to better myself by reteaching myself and relearning that material to try and become better at

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