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Task 1 : Advert 1.1.) Alcohol is shown indirectly in this advert, as the boy is acting unnaturally and is stereotypically doing the things that are commonly known to drunk males. In the advert the boy breaks things and looks dirty and out of it as drunk people usually do. In the other advert, alcohol is again shown indirectly but rather with a female doing these alcohol related actions such as vomiting, breaking her clothes and allowing herself to become vulnerable to other people, and that she may no longer be able to control. 1.2.) People watching the advert may think differently on the way alcohol truly impacts a person. So rather than it being a nice drink of incredible confidence, these adverts show the other side of alcohol, the dangerous side, that is more realistic and shows the true effects of alcohol. Most adverts allow people to be the star when they are drunk, the person that everyone loves but rather in these 2 adverts, it shows the actual behavior and symptoms of people when they become dunk. It shows the true and vulnerable side, rather than the glamorous side which is seldom real. 1.3.) I think these adverts are ineffective as it shows bad behavior that people have when they are drunk, but many people…show more content…
In terms of social interaction, it can damage relationships and friendships due to possible embarrassment, harassment or misunderstanding. It can break families either financially if too much money is spent of the substance, which also often leads to stealing and lies or physically in the case that alcohol leads to increased violence and aggression upon individuals. Rehabilitation may cause long-term issues in the way that people who are now sober, may feel they cannot stay sober in the long term without rehabilitation

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