African American History Challenge Bowl Case Study

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Madison Team Becomes National Champs at African-American History Challenge Bowl
Madison’s Wright Middle School took home the first place at the 2017 National African-American History Challenge Bowl. The team is a veteran when it comes to joining the quiz bowl competition.
In fact, they have participated in the competition for 19 years and has been sponsored by the organization of 100 Black Men of America. They won five times already and became a runner-up several times according to the founding president of 100 Black Men of Madison, Enis Ragland. He also said that joining the competition is a recognition to the school, students, and parents.
About the Competition
The Wright Middle School is already recognized as a powerhouse in the organization …show more content…

With almost around 400 years of African-American history to learn about, preparation is crucial.
Jaden Wynn, a member of the Madison team who is in the 8th grade, admits that they are nervous. All they’ve been doing was study and study.
The team first qualified for a local competition against their fellow Madison schools. The history quiz bowl challenge started 20 years ago with the aim to improve and elevate the academic participation of black students as well as increase the confidence of the youth.
Wynn was recruited by his social studies professor who observed his passion for history. He showed signs of interest in the racial segregation during the 1950’s and the movements established among the African-American people. They originally planned on putting Wynn as a team alternate but decided to do a last-minute change to the lineup.
Everything turned up to their favor. After they won, Wynn became more confident in himself, especially doing the things that used to make him feel nervous such as doing interviews on the radio or speaking in front of many people. Apparently, not wanting to fail will make you less nervous about other things. He will start high school with better confidence than

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