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In this Essay I will be discussing on the people I have chosen Aileen Wuornos and
Nannie Doss I will be discussing about their childhood and early life. I will also be discussing about their problems and situations these two people had and what could have been the reason of them starting a murder spree. Aileen and Nannie basically had their reason of why they and what thought would be the outcome of their act. And also the comparison between the two ladies.
Aileen Wuornos had a rough and abusive childhood growing up also into her adulthood she had some rough patches and she gone though some rough roads. As a child she stated was sexually abused and was also kicked out of the house by her grandfather. Which lead her to go down the wrong path and also the wrong side with the law. She never met her father but he was a child molester and she was abandon by her mother leaving her and her brother to stay with their alcoholic grandmother and their grandfather who had a temper and she later stated had sexually abuse her. She did confess to having some sexual encounters with her brother. She got pregnant in her early teens which she had to give it up for adoption, at the time of adolescent again force out of her …show more content…

Aileen Wuronos and Nannie Doss are known as serial killers they killed multiple amount of people. Also they had a rough going childhood in comparison they were both molested at a young age. They both had reasons for their action. For Aileen her reason was to keep her girlfriends and for her girlfriend not leave her side. And for Nannie Doss she said “I was searching for the perfect mate, the real romance of life.” So it’s basically on their love life how Aileen wanted to keep her companion and how Nannie wanted to find her perfect companion. Another comparison was for money Aileen was able to get money out of the men she killed and Nannie Doss got insurance money out of the death of her family

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