Airplanes In Ww1 Essay

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WW1 was the first major war where airplanes were used as an important part of the army. When WW1 began, airplanes played a small role in the battles. But by the end of WW1, the air force became an important branch of the army. At the start of WW1, airplanes were very simple. But by the time WW1 has ended, airplanes had become more developed and weapons were added to it like, bombs and guns.

The first use of airplanes in WW1 was to determine the enemy’s movement. The airplanes would fly above the enemy’s area and determine the enemy's movements and position. The first major contributions of airplanes in the war were the First Battle of the Marne where the Allies airplanes spotted a gap in the German lines. They attacked them and were able to split the Germans. As the war continued, both sides began to use aircraft to drop bombs on the enemy’s location. The first planes that were used for bombings only could carry small attacked from the ground. By the end of the war, faster long-range bombs were built that could carry a much …show more content…

Awkwardly, ground troops would try to shoot down any plane they see and sometimes they would shoot down their own plane. Finally, countries began to mark their planes by adding a logo under the wings so that they could be identified from the ground. Each side used a number of different airplanes during the war. (Trueman) The most famous were, Bristol Type 22, was a British airplane with two seats fighter plane. Fokker Reinecker, Single seat German fighter plane. The Fokker was the most famous plane during WWI as it introduced the machine gun and provided Germany with air advantage for a period of time during the war. Siemens-Schocket is a Single seat German fighter plane. Sopwith Camel is Single seat British fighter plane. Handley Page 0/400, Long range British bomber. Gotha G V, which is a Long range German bomber.

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