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The American legal system is complex and ever changing it requires several years to grasp, over so many years there have been many different legal strategies tried and implemented. When accused of a crime there is a number of defenses that can be used in order to claim your innocence or be used to try and receive a lighter sentence. In the case of Albert Fish, the defendant had already confessed to the crime he was accused of, however, his lawyers tried to prove him to be legally insane and as a result stay off the death penalty.
Albert Fish case was truly strange and stunned everyone who became aware of the case especially since the murders occurred in the 1924 - 1934 which was a time where children were often unsupervised and the community …show more content…

However, Albert Fish was only charged with the murder of Grace Budd a 10-year-old girl in the state of New York the persecution did not try to charge him for his other murders due to the fact that there was no physical evidence.(Blanco).
The Albert Fish trial and sentence had raised a number of contrivances since the Defense for Albert Fish which was James Dempsey, Frank J. Mahony plead insanity. Which according to INSANITY Penal Law § 40.15 the defendant must prove that at the time the crime has occurred the defendant lacked the capacity to know the nature and consequences of such conduct or that such conduct was …show more content…

He seemed well spoken and put together even though he harmed himself and others this was probably the reason why mental illness had gone unnoticed for so long he was a weak looking elderly man when he committed and was charged with these crimes. These crimes did seem premeditated since he said in the letter that he had decided to kill the girl and he did use a fake name as well as come up with the story of a birthday party as well as had a cabin picked out for the murder the amount of effort he placed in the child's murder and the details are sicking. Which is why I support his death penalty especially since when he was sent to an institution they said he was safe to be in the public which means if he hadn't been given the death penalty he may have been released at some point since he seemed “sane” to people he

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