Alexander Hamilton: Founding Fathers: United States

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ick Kaufman Mrs. Hodgkins History 8 20 September 2016 Alexander Hamilton Alexander Hamilton was a prominent statesman, and influential interpreter, and one of the few founding fathers of the United States of America. In 1777 Alexander Hamilton was appointed to become George Washington’s advisor. Alexander Hamilton was born on January 11, 1755 or 1757, we have not figured out the exact date yet. He was born on the island of Nevis in the British West Indies. One of his biggest challenges was when he had to try and get the people of New York to ratify the U.S constitution. His parents were James A. Hamilton and Rachel Faucette Buck. Alexanders dad left when he was just a young boy and he had to get his first job when he was 11 as a tender. To …show more content…

Two years later he was promoted to lieutenant colonial of the Continental Army. He was a very good lieutenant and he even caught the eye of General George Washington. George Washington made Alexander Hamilton his assistant and trusted advisor. From 1777 to 1781 Hamilton composed all of George Washington’s important letters and created strategic reform for the Continental army. Alexander Hamilton was very tired of his desk just writing letters for his life. He wanted to get out on the battlefield and lead a charge. He got his wish and led a victorious charge against the Great Brittan in the battle of Yorktown. This battle was one of the biggest battles and most important battle in the American Revolution. The battle led to Cornwallis’s surrender. In 1783- the Treaty of Paris was signed officially ending the Revolutionary War. Hamilton realized something while working as George Washington’s advisor. He realized that the states had a lot of resentment and hate for each other and he believed that it was from The Articles of Confederation. He left his advisor spot in 1782 and focused more on establishing a strong central …show more content…

In New York City he started his first practice. His very first clients were people that were still loyal to the British king, loyalists. The Loyalists started finding unoccupied homes and just started to live in them. The colonists whose homes they were got angry and sued the loyalists. Alexander Hamilton defended these Loyalists. Alexander Hamilton enjoyed politics so much that he wanted to extend his political life. He was the secretary of the treasury for six years 1789 to 1795. When he returned to Manhattan he was looked upon as one of the city’s most prestigious attorneys. Hamilton was still focused on creating a strong central government. In 1787 he arranged a meeting with other delegates to talk about ideas and trying to make attempts to fix the Articles of Confederation. In The Federalist Papers Alexander Hamilton wrote 51 of them and there were only 85. In the presidential elections in 1800 Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were the nominees. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were both running to be Thomas Jefferson’s vice president. The people voted and they tied so Hamilton began promoting Jefferson and then he won the vice president spot. Aaron Burr was furious and he challenged Hamilton to a duel. The duel began on July 11, 1804. Both men shot but Hamiltons missed and Burrs hit. Hamilton died the next morning on July 12, 1804. Hamilton left behind an amazing legacy of one of few of Americas founding

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