Alexander Hamilton's Arguments Against The Federalist Party

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Why doesn’t our country suck; Federalism. The Federalist Party began in 1788. There was a major argument between two groups of people that provided a strong government and later led to what we know as the United States to form and become the united country as a whole. Alexander Hamilton was the leader in this large scheme. This party was a debate against the anti-federalists to form a government that made the states and the country stronger. The Federalists were a group of people that wanted a national government to be all as one instead of states having their own government. The anti-federalists were the ones that disagreed with having a national government. They thought that the select state should have power over itself in everything they did. The Federalist Party was an important part of …show more content…

Having a constitution would help the states overcome their debt and the tensions after the Revolutionary War. A few key federalists were some of the most well known people in United States History. Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and John Jay. Most of the support for the Federalist for the Federalists came from large urban areas. They were mostly overpowered by bigger businesses and wanted their government to help manage the economy. Overall their main goal was to have a Constitution. The anti-federalists were the group that disagreed with having a strong national government, as they wanted a strong state government for their own benefits and a weaker national government. John Hancock was one of the main supporters in keeping a powerful state government, or what they thought was one. The main supporters of this atrocious idea were mostly dominated by the farmers and people living in rural areas. They did not want a Constitution and were completely fine with the Articles of Confederation, as they thought it would benefit them

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