Pros And Cons Of Ratifying The Constitution

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Currently, me and other Americans are undergoing a change in government. Because there are numerous major flaws in the Articles of Confederation, Congress thought it would be best to draft a new Constitution. Hopefully, the people behind the ratification of the new Constitution are making the right choice. Apparently Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay are helping out. They are calling James Madison the “Father of the Constitution.” 9 out of the 13 states are needed to approve the new document. Several states highly favored the Constitution and ratified it instantly. Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey were the first to jump on board. Georgia and Connecticut soon followed. There is controversy within Massachusetts, Maryland, …show more content…

Federalists favored an efficient government that could improve and protect their economic status. The Constitution promises a strong centralized government with a checks and balances system to even out …show more content…

Anti-Federalists are those who are against the ratification of the Constitution because, they fear having a strong national government that would overpower the states. They are mainly state’s rights advocates as they remain loyal to their state governments. Additionally, they are generally poorer than the Federalists. Anti-Federalists believed that the Articles of Confederation was a good enough plan that did not need any modification. They believed the Constitution lacked the protection of basic political rights, and did not give any significant power to the states. Massachusetts and three other states strongly opposed the new Constitution. To convince these states, a compromise was created to assure the creation of amendments as soon as possible. Finally, the states agreed to the ratification of the Constitution. By this point, Congress had enough states to approve the document. However, they wanted all the states to ratify it because, they believed that without New York and Virginia, who had a big population, the Constitution wouldn’t survive too

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