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Obesity is a growing problem in the United States that many Americans find atrocious. As a consequence, many Americans take the liberty to insult obese people; defined as fat and ugly people who don’t care about their health. Society has implanted many Americans a specific body image we all should have, in order to appear attractive and be liked. The truth is that the phobia of fatness is increasing in this population, therefore; they are most likely to be hurt verbally, physically, and emotionally. People shouldn’t judge obese people because they don’t know the actual truth that impedes them from losing weight. Not being able to lose weight could be due to many personal issues such as; their genetics, environmental factors, and medical illness. That being said, appearance regarding body image is something that no one should be ashamed of because it is their personal life and nobody has the right to make them feel ashamed and insult their being. “Americans expect and enjoy the spectacle of the miserable fat person, so to challenge this narrative is a radical act. / the most significant problem for fat people isn’t their…show more content…
Therefore, I agree with her position; “a fat woman with a voice can be threatening, not just to bullies, misogynists and anti-obesity crusaders, but to many of those who consider themselves to be enlightened, too.” The reason why I like how she put these words near the end of her article is because I believe what she says has many facts. There are many smart people out there that are fat and they can easily compete with those who think less of them due to their fatness. This whole essay is to prove that overweight people are equally the same as thin people. Being obese is beautiful as thin, it shouldn’t change how we look at a

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