Rhetorical Analysis On Supersize

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Supersize Me: It’s Time to Stop Blaming Fat People for their Size, Alison Motluk argues that we live in an “obesogenic society,” one that promotes weight gain and an increasingly unhealthy lifestyle. We do live in a society that makes it easy for people to become obese. For starters, the convenience and the relative ease it is to go to a fast food restaurant, and pick up breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Also the portion size that is offered at restaurants is enormous. We live in a society where most parents do not have the luxury to stay home and prepare healthy meals. Can we really blame people for their size? Or, are we a product of the society we live in? Knowing just how unhealthy, and harmful the food is at fast food restaurants, we cannot bring ourselves to stop consuming food equivalent to a heart attack served on a bun. Quite frankly, fast food is convenient and affordable. We live …show more content…

Now a days, many parents do not have the option to work only while their children are at school. Most parents come home late from work tired and drained. Motluk feels that “ Because fewer households have a stay at home parent to prepare meals from scratch, families increasingly turn to highly processed convenience foods, take outs, or fast food restaurants.” ( Motluk p.1) Parents that work full time or work different hours every day don’t have time to prepare healthy meals for their kids that’s when the overly processed meals come in handy. When families begin to see the importance of healthy eating then they will find time to prepare healthy meals and just maybe obesity won’t be a problem

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