Rhetorical Analysis Of Grandex

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I 'm going to be totally honest with you right now; I 've never written an email like this. I 've been "online" so to speak for about a year now and have cold emailed sites I 'd like to work with, sent "thanks but no thanks" emails to people asking me to write for them, and even sent a "Saw that rhetorical analysis of my piece. You 're a funny dude." DM which later culminated in where I am with Grandex today. But this kind of an email, I 'm a little at a loss for how to being it, so thank you in advance for bearing with me.

Before I dive into my point I want to also say thank you for having my back and giving me a place that I really, genuinely enjoy writing. I feel like over the past four months at Grandex (PGP primarily) I have really honed my comedic voice and grown substantially not only as a writer, but as a content creator. I 'm more confident then I ever have been with my style, my ability to generate clickable content, and overall as a freelance humor writer. I really do have you, Will, and the …show more content…

I would love the opportunity to start discussing how I could expand my role with PGP and Grandex. I believe I have enough experience not only because of how long I 've been "doing this" but also because of working with and at other sites to really contribute more outside of just writing. I already know how to use Wordpress, have formatted things on my own plenty of times, and strongly feel I have skills that haven 't been utilized yet. I think if I came on, potentially remotely, to help you and Will go through the organic, cold submissions from contributors it would not only free you and Will up to write your own material, but spend more time working with those remote writers who are looking to improve. I 'm already on my computer working almost all day every day so adding this in really wouldn 't change too much for me. I think if the two of you could spend less time weeding through the random submissions, overall the quality of the content would only

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