All Quiet On The Western Front Theme Analysis

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The theme of a book could be described as what the reader or audience has learned throughout reading the story. One way the theme is portrayed in this novel is when the soldiers would go home on leave for a little while. Another way the theme is portrayed throughout the novel is when you lost your friends and fellow soldiers in battle. “Theme is the underlying message or big idea that is portrayed throughout the story” (What is Theme in Literature). In reading this book you can learn that being a soldier during any war can be a hard road to go down. In the novel “All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Remarque, the theme of the story is how the main character learns that the effects of war is hard for some soldiers to deal with. The novel shows this theme in at least 2 instance; going home from …show more content…

Throughout the novel on way the theme is portrayed is when you would go home from war on leave it was hard for some soldiers to deal with. Being on leave the soldier would eventually have to go back, but they would go home and some could have a hard because some of them could have been through a lot. When soldiers would be on leave they would usually arrive home with their family hugging them and showing them love. In the story Paul is going home on leave to arrive at his mother’s house. When soldier usually go on leave they go to visit the people that are most important to them. “The fatalities are bizarre with pictures of unearthed corpses showing the tragedies of war” (Krutch). While soldiers are on leave they would sometimes be quiet because they are in shock from what they have been through. At this point in the story Paul has already arrived at home and he

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