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Dear Dr. Kim,

I am a sixth-grade student who attends Herbert Hoover Middle School. I like to consider having the text, "All Summer in a Day" taught next year to rising 6th graders. "All Summer in a Day" is about a young girl who is bullied by her classmates. This problem can lead to students coming home physically or emotionally hurt, and I would like to raise awareness of bullying in my school.

The first and most important reason why "All Summer in a Day" should be taught next year is that people at Hoover Middle School get bullied physically or emotionally. For example, in "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury, Margot attended school on the planet Venus, where she was tormented by her classmates. Her peers lied to Margot, …show more content…

Margot from "All Summer in a Day" was locked in a closet, and the teacher was unaware. She did not know that Margot's classmates treated her harshly, and when the teacher and all the students except Margot were ready to go outside in the sun, the teacher asked if everyone was present. The students all responded with a yes, and not knowing that Margot was not with them, the teacher let everybody outside while Margot was still stuck inside, missing all the fun. This topic is important to me because I have had my own experience with bullying. For example, at school one day, I heard rumors about students getting bullied online by one of their classmates. I would imagine the bullied student to feel upset, sad, or even angry, knowing that mean comments were going around on the internet about the person. The story "All Summer in a Day" impacts many lives and informs people that bullying is a problem that needs to stop, which makes it more important that this story has to be taught to students again next year. As HHMS student Sid Shah says, "The story was interesting and sad at the same time because the kids were bullying Margot." This year, students learned more about bullying and its main effects on someone's

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