Teen Activist Research Paper

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What is a teen activist? A teen activist is someone who inspires people to do good in the world. They take a little cause and make it known worldwide. I believe that if we have teen activists in the world, people will want to do good things to help them. If that is true teen activists could make our world a better place. The three teen activists who inspire me the most are Malala Yousafzai, Faye Carey, and Emily Rigel. The first teen that supports the idea that teen activists inspire people to do good things, is Faye Carey. Faye Carey fights for new homes of abandoned dogs. In an article from News Hub, Teenage Girl is Dogs’ Best Friend, it says she wants “to give animals a second chance.” In the same article it says, “Faye has managed to re-home more than 60 dogs.” Now that is inspiring. Keep in mind Faye is a teenage girl with much more fun things to do than rescue a bunch of stinky dogs. Faye doesn’t care about that. She is …show more content…

Emily Rigal is a 19 year old student at Columbia University. As a kid Emily was bullied at school. It was so bad that she had to switch schools. “It was damaging my self worth,”. She made friends at her new school “And it boasted her self-esteem” She said. Being bullied as a kid Helped her to create WeStopHate. We Stop Hate is a website that works to stop bullying But it also helps teens to not hate themselves. Emily’s latest idea is the bully button. According to KidFocused.com, Users press the button to report things like harassing comments and bullying behavior. The Administrators will then discipline them in a quick way. “It’ll make teens more conscious about what they write,” says Emily. She wants to build the self esteem of teens and to stop bullying once and for all. Emily Rigal moves me because instead of just being sad about her past of bullying she decided to do something about it for future generations. That is why Emily Rigal inspires people to do good

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