Madera High School Student Review Paper

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In Madera High School students on an average mentioned that the staff members in this school did not handle bullying and harassment to the expectations. On average 125 students chose from a scale 1-10 that the school handled bullying and harassment from a 3-5, ten being perfectly handled. A student who was a victim mentioned, “ It made me feel scared and it made me fear interacting with new people. I did not go to someone for help I went to my teacher for help but she did not really help”(Anonymous). This student obviously tried to talk to an adult and explain what she was going through and how severely did bullying affect her. The student clearly lets us know that Maderas High School staff does not know how to act when a teen dealing with bullying comes for help. It is not easy for a teen to open to what its going through the teens mind and this student did …show more content…

The low esteem of the teenager make the teen feel inferior to the rest of the students due to the comments. That is when the students commit suicide believing that ending life will stop the bullying that the teen is going through from continuing. Some of the teenagers at Madera High School have good intention and are willing to hear and help the teen going through the intimidation of bullying. One of a teenager who was interviewed mentioned, “I would give them advice and if it got out of hand and we could not fix it, I would contact an adult”(Anonymous). It is interesting to see that some teens are willing to help someone dealing with bullying. The teen has in mind that the talk and advices between two teens is easier than talking with an adult. The fact of talking with another teen will encourage the victim to express how has bullying affected the teenager in its personal lives. Although it is easier to speak with a teen of the same age most of the teens hide what has bullying done to

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