Madera High School Bullying Research Paper

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One survey question reads, “If you ever experienced a form of bullying, how did it make you feel? Did you go to someone for help?” One student answered this question by saying, “yes it made me feel really shitty and made me hurt myself. No, I did not go for help, nobody would listen.” This student shows that they chose to not say anything because they feel or know that nobody would listen anyway. This does not only include Madera High staff, yet school staff should start to pay more attention to who they think may be in trouble because school is basically a student 's second home and spend most of their time there. This is why school teachers have a big role in this. Based on this survey students think that the staff is not really of much help when in reality they should feel that they can seek help in them because teachers have a sense of authority and if the students trusted in the staff to tell them what is going on they could do something to maybe halt or change the course of how the bully impacts the student and end the problem or even yet a little advice on the part of the staff on what would be the right thing to do never hurts.

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In our survey we asked the student if they had know anybody who had stayed home because of online harassment. There was 187 students who said yes to this question in specific it may not sound like a lot but those are students who are gone from school. The number may seem irrelevant to 708 who said that they did not know anybody who had stayed home, yet that is way too many people who stay home for these reason. This should not eve be a reason for a student to not want to come to school. Student should feel safe and not have to worry about other students harassing or bullying them because of who they

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