Bullying In Nursing Research Paper

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“While working at a hospital as a Registered nurse, I was being bullied every day at work I became withdrawn, severely depressed, I would break down and cry every day after work. It was a nightmare,” explained Nurse Jackie. Horizontal bullying should not be neglected it is a life-threatening problem affecting the healthcare. Nurse to nurse bullying in the workplace can have an impact on new nurses, the treatment of the patients, and lack of job satisfaction. Imagine being a nurse and additionally feeling nervous about taking care of a challenging patient or meticulously achieving all of the medical records. The exact opposite thing any nurse would need to be considering is whether their peers are going to make their time at work …show more content…

Nurses who are victims of bullying might take more sick days, look for opportunities from other organizations and abandon their occupation. Absenteeism from work caused by horizontal bullying is increasing. Many nurses do not have the encouragement or the capability necessary to manage with bullying and just fail to come to work in order to avoid the experience, mainly if they are aware that they are going to be teamed up with a “bully” for that certain shift. Absenteeism increase to costs that are not necessary for the organizations and adds a burden to the remaining staff, resulting to an increase turnover and nurse disengagement. While interning at the Miami Jewish Health Systems, the report shows about 150 nurses who quit at the same time due to horizontal bullying. That situation affected the organization to the insufficient of excellent nurses available to care for patients and have an effect on those who continued working in a troubling work environment. Granstra (2015) researched that “Bullying results in increased turnover when nurses choose to leave the organization instead of remaining in a workplace where they are unhappy” (p.

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