Essay On Workplace Bullying

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Workplace bullying is a growing issue for all the organizations to manage people. Bullying is defined as acts or verbal comments that could 'mentally ' hurt or isolate a person in the workplace. As well as, sometimes bullying can involve negative physical contact. Furthermore, bullying usually involves repeated incidents or a pattern of behavior that is intended to intimidate, offend, and humiliate a particular person or group of people. Some scholars described bullying as the assertion of power through aggression (Workplace Bullying Institute, 2015). According to Australian Government Comcare (2009) bullying result in real cost to both the Organization and the individual. As well as constitutes significant risk to the health, safety and wellbeing of the individual and can lead to serious psychological injury.
This Essay will describe why workplace bullying is an important issue for an organization in managing people at work describing Human Resource Management (HRM) and Human Resource Development (HRD), Industrial Relations (IR), Organizational Behavior, Psychology and Sociology.
For many organizations, Human Resources Department (HRD) is the designated office for addressing workplace bullying (Australian Government Comcare, 2009). According to Executive Education, University of Florida (2015) states, many HR Departments fail employees who feel bullied by not taking the issue seriously. The research Ditch the label Anti-Bullying Charity (2015) states, 45% did not report

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