Dbq Essay On Bullying In Schools

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Cyberbullying is making the online “world” a harder place to deal with. Cyberbullying is the use of electronics to bully someone. Most teens experience cyberbullying outside of their school life so, do schools have the right to step into the situation. Cyberbullying is happening everyday to several kids. This takes place around the world on most social media sites. This issues can affect anyone but it most commonly affects teenagers. Schools should be concerned because bullying might affect students that attend their school and it can also impact how they function at school. Cyberbullying happens all the time and their are many victims, Schools have been stepping in and trying to help but some people say that schools have no right to do anything …show more content…

In a survey that was conducted, students were asked several questions about bullying one of the questions was ; Have you been cyberbullied anytime in your life? About half of the the students surveyed said that at one point in their life they had been a victim of online bullying. ( Doc A.) .Showing that it’s a real problem in most schools. In addition to that the U.S Department of Education had stated “ Many state departments of education and local school districts have taken steps to reduce bullying in schools. The US Department of Education fully supports these efforts.” ( Doc G ) Since the US government is supporting what schools are trying to do, it shows that the schools must be following all laws and what they are doing to help is fair. In addition to the US Department of Education supporting what schools are doing there are also school districts that are giving punishments to kids who are cyberbullying. In the case of K.K v. Berkeley County Schools the school was victorious ( Doc C ). In this case, K.K created a group discussion that bashed another student, other students were in the chat but K.K started it causing the district to suspend her. Based on all these facts provided, it shows that students are bullied online and how much support schools are getting in these

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