Alternate Ending For The Hunger Games

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At the reaping, Katniss looked at Gale looking straight threw his emerald eyes, Gale gives Katniss a frightful grin since the odds aren't really in his favour, since he had 42 slips in the tesserae. At the point when Katniss volunteered to have Prim spot in the hunger games everyone went silent but one... Prim began to scream to Katniss telling her NO over and over again, Gale keeps Prim away from Katniss as she advanced to the stage. In the Justice Building, Gale goes into the room and told Katniss that "she is stronger than the Capitol and can win the Games". Gale encouraged her to make a bow if there isn't one in the Cornucopia. He additionally guarantees to secure and accommodate her family in her nonappearance. As Peacekeepers drag him

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