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Topic: What’s Better Aluminum or Wood bat? With baseball being one of the most popular sports on the planet, many people are familiar with the different types of bats, which are wood and aluminum. Though many people argue the aluminum bat is better it rises the question, which is truly better, wood or aluminum? This papers will focus on the analysis of wood and aluminum bats.

An aluminum bat is a type of instrument used in both the sports of baseball and softball. This type of bat is made from aluminum. Aluminum bats are very popular now because of their increased distance after hit and a lighter swing, compared to wood. The reason for using an aluminum bat has many advantages. The first advantage is when the ball hits an aluminum bat the …show more content…

With the same bat speed, though, the wood bat would not go as far because it is simply is not as advanced as the aluminum bat. The second comparison is swing speed. As always swing speed comes with the strength and fundamentals of the batter, but in this category the aluminum bat would be victorious because it is hollow and lighter. The third and last comparison is weight. The aluminum bat is victorious again because of the aluminum bat being hollow.
So, in the end, one could conclude that using an aluminum bat is better than using a wood bat, simply because of all the recent advancements in science, metal, and engineering.

To develop a science experiment of one’s own they would need a baseball field, baseball bats one wood, another aluminum (same length and weight) a bucket of baseballs, a stake to mark where the baseballs land, 7 tape measures (50ft), a pitching machine, a paper pad and pen, an outfielder, a pitcher, and lastly a hitter. The way one would conduct this experiment is by having the pitcher set the pitching machine to a reasonable speed, then have the pitching machine pitch, the hitter hit 15 balls with both bats. After every hit ball have the outfielder put stakes in the ground to mark where the balls landed, then record the distance after with the tape

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