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“ El Senor De Los Cielos” as many may know Amado Carrillo Fuentes. He was known as the Lord of the Skies because of his method of transporting drugs. He would transport drugs using jets all around the world. He was in charge of the Juarez Cartel for just a couple months, but in the short amount of time he got control of this cartel he was becoming more powerful. Amado wanted to become more in life. He was hoping to become the most powerful drug lord of his time. To get to what he wanted he had to go through some process that made him reflect what he wanted in life. Amado was born on December 17, 1956. He was son of Vicente Carrillo and Aurora Fuentes. He was born in a small town called Guamuchilito, Novolato, Sinaloa. He was the first born …show more content…

He did not want to be poor all his life he wanted to go far in life and because he wanted easy money he went being a drug lord. Even if he did not spend as much time on being the leader of Juarez Cartel he did impact lives in that short amount of time. He wanted to gain control and power. Amado Carrillo became The Lord of Skies because of what he did and people would compose songs about him and he became a legion. The criminological theory that Amado Carrillo would reflect to is Conditions Theory since he wanted power. He killed his leader to gain it and he did not care what he had to do in order to get what he wanted. He wanted the control since he never had that ability growing up. Another theory that would relate to Amado was Learning Theory. He was in counter with rival cartels and was always a constant fight with society since the law did not permit him to traffic drugs. These things are what made Amado Carrillo he focused on being up top and did not want to go back to what he used to be. He wanted to make a difference in his life and did not want to go back to the old him. To the person that did not have anything, the person that had to ask for help in

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