Amanda Hess's Argument Essay: The War On Women

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With an abundant, and quite merit, selection to choose from, ranking a list of top three was genuinely troublesome and certainly crucial, but nevertheless my selection prevailed to be accurate as I make my decision final. As it stands, my selection persists to be Pacific Standard article “Women Aren 't Welcome Here”, New York Times Magazine writing “The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie”, and Chicago article “ The Truth About Chicago 's Crime Rates”. With that, a praising and analysis essay is expected not to be entirely burdensome with the complexity of each article as far as techniques to encourage and promote the article, providing with many topics to discuss and analyze. Concerning each article, I will fully dissect the topics conversed …show more content…

With this current age in media describing a “war on women” it is no shock to see that a controversial piece has conquered its way through rival writing to gain the position it has today, and this may give other people their justification for selecting this article for their top three, but I don`t fall into this category. I didn 't selection such a piece due to agreements I made with the article, but quite the opposite. I refuse to accept that the actions faced by this one women, or any number of women, is justification to agree that the only war occurring is in conflict with women, but nevertheless this controversy is a great example of how the author, Amanda Hess, a journalist for Pacific Standard, can quickly gain the attention of the audience, of more than likely women from ages 18 to 35 years of age, to entice a reader to alter their mindset on social media in favor of the “war on women”. Certainly, one factor that advances this article is the style of storytelling used by the author to easily convey the message and organize the concepts and events for the reader. Ultimately, the author conveys this controversial message to rather convince or conflict the reader, creating an edge to the piece that cuts its way through to the top standings of journalism of 2015 and my personal rankings of top three, causing a respected appreciation, but not

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