Women's Suffrage Argumentative Essay

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Women's Suffrage is and was a really big thing for women in the 1850’s and still is now but women have more rights now. Do you support Women’s Suffrage or are you against it? Women all over the world started protesting for equal rights for all genders; it took awhile but they did because now we can do many things we couldn’t in the 1850’s. All of the protesting started only with a few women and then turned into a worldwide protest for women. Women's Suffrage first started out as a peaceful protest that was very important to women, but some protests were violent because some people didn’t believe in women rights. Women all over the world started protesting because they couldn’t do most things that men could do and they thought that wasn’t fair. The first immediate cause of women's suffrage was women believed they should take more part in decisions rather than simply sever their husbands. So, a woman named Abigail Adams started the first a rebellion for women’s rights in 1776 . All over the world men thought women were inferior to men and shouldn't be able to do the things men can do like vote, go to school, own land, keep their wages and sign contracts. When women got …show more content…

Abigail Adams started a rebellion because she wrote to her husband while he was out of town at the meeting, Abigail Adams asked her husband to talk to the court about making better laws for women and giving them more rights. He wrote back laughing at her and saying that's ridiculous, Abigail was already attending meetings for women's rights so after what her husband said she took it into her own hands. Susan B Anthony joined the women rights protest because she was not allowed to speak at temperance rallies, another reason is she experienced new things and wanted change, she was also acquainted with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and she believed in women's

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