What Is The Cause Of The Women's Suffrage Movement?

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For many years women in particular had to fight for gender equality which is still something we fight for today. In the late 1800s and early 1900s women came together to end one of the most controversial issues of that time; voting. Some prominent women figures that are known today helped shape women of our generation by helping this cause. With the passing of the 19 amendment (women suffrage) it led to dramatic changes in the political and economic systems. At this time men believed women belonged in the kitchen, but with the laws now changing it started to turn things around. Though in a world lead by men it wasn’t an easy thing to prove. The beginning of the woman suffrage movement started at an anti-slavery convention in 1848 when Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott met. Shortly after this Stanton met Susan b. Anthony through a mutual friend and the three bonded over slavery abolishment. This of which lead to them forming the woman’s …show more content…

This group focused on not only women’s rights but also suffrage for African American men. This group was led by Lucy Stone, Henry Blackwell, and Julia Ward Howe, which were all activist in the anti-slavery and suffrage movements. At this time NWSA and AWSA were seen as rivals, according to the NAWSA collection home page (2015). This was due to the fact that they both had different strategies of approaching the controversial issues of voting. The AWSA believed they should go through a federal constitutional amendment while on the other hand the AWSA believed state-by-state campaigns would be the passageway to success. Though the two groups had their differences in the end they knew that for the best of the men and women who fought for their right to vote they should merge together. Thus, the two groups formed (NAWSA) the National American Woman Suffrage Association in

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