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She went though months of fertility treatments hoping and praying to hear the news she waiting for: your pregnant. Amanda Morrison got to experience the joy of finding out she was pregnant with triplets. She shared the news that she had three babies on the way, and marked the milestones throughout her pregnancy with pictures.
Morrison 's excitement about her babies turned into heartbreak though. Her doctor told her the devastating news that her triplets would not survive when she was in the third month of her pregnancy because she did not have a functioning cervix.
According to Daily Mail, Morrison described the feeling of finding out her babies would not live, saying:

According to Kidspot, Morrison explained her triplets birth, saying:
The new mother got to spend time with her babies and took pictures of them to mark the moment they were born.

After the loss of her three "angels," Morrison shared a picture of them, hoping to connect with other parents who experienced the tragic loss of a child. Morrison received a mixed response to the photo of her stillborn babies. …show more content…

New Idea reported she faced personal attacks and some harsh criticism, Morrison said:
Morrison is speaking up after taking heat from people for sharing photos of her babies because they were stillborn. She is hoping that her post will change the way parents of children that die this way will be treated, like parents of a child that dies at any age.

The triplets mother discussed the cruel words that she was faced with for sharing the photo, saying:
This is a proud mother of three babies she gave birth to that are not with her anymore, but she will always treat them with the same kind of love as if they

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